Godfrey Nelson

Welcome to my website.
Iíve posted some of my favorite current and
past projects on the this page.

"Fools," some things never change.
A song Jake and I wrote many years ago and
I decided to create a new track and Video.

Marionette is a look at the opioid crisis.
Written by Jake Holmes, performed by Godfrey.

"Two Towers", Knowone wants to look at whats happening in Africa.
Written by Jake Holmes and Godfrey, performed by Godfrey.

This is the first piece in a series I am doing
with Jake Holmes on Social Justice.
Bill Schimmel on accordion
Drawings by Daniel Winterbottom

We are excited to say that Basilica Hudson was invited Vivors
to be a part of their NEA grant, Hudson As Muse
Vist Vivors for more information.

Dazed and Confused
The song, "Dazed and Confused" is based on Jake Holmes ' original version recorded in 1967 with an added section written by myself and Michael Wilde.
Visit GYPSYBED.COM for more information.

Dazed and Confused

I'm Doin Time


Gypsy Bed
Secret City
This song "Fools" was written
by Jake Holmes and myself.
ut Album



“7” evolved from doing scoring work for Fashion Week in NYC. Designer Gabrielle Zanzani asked us to do runway
music for her live shows. Out of that music
the group 7 was born.

The members are Godfrey Nelson (vocal/guitars/programing), Lorraine Nelson Wolf (vocal/piano), Bill Schimmel (accordion) plus special guests Val Michalsky (percussion) and Charlie Tokarz (sax).

Bird of Time

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Coming Out of Our Shells
Written and produced by myself and Bob Bejan

Ninja Turtles


Music Library




Lorraine Nelson Wolf
More Songs From Hopewell

The song "I Can Feel Your Love" written by myself
and Lorraine.
Winner of a Billboard Songwriting Award.

I Can Feel Your Love

Music Library




This was a colaboration with Amanda Blue and
Ron Kuene. I produced, co-wrote,
played guitar and recorded.
Featured musicians include Toni Levin,
Bashiri Johnson and Matthew Russell.

Where Did You Go

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